Are you dropshipping with AliExpress? And wondering if there is a way to download videos from AliExpress. Or you’re researching the media files to use for your promotional video. You still didn’t find the solution!
Below some heaviest statistics about ALIEXPRESS in 2019:
– More than 60 million buyers regularly shop on AliExpress.
– There were more than 732 million visits on AliExpress in March 2019.
– AliExpress had over 150 million cross-border buyers in 2018.
– 16% of all cross-border digital buyers use AliExpress.
– Almost 25% of AliExpress visitors come from Russia.
– There are more than 100 million products on AliExpress.
– The iPhone Tempered glass is the most purchased product.
– AliExpress offers free shipping for over 75% of its products.

We can look for any product if it contains a video; we can download it.
– Right-click on the video
– Copy video location
– Open a new tab or new windows in your browser
– Paste the video location (Ctrl+V) and press Enter
– Right-click on the video
– Save video as
To know how to download Aliexpress videos watch the tutorial below:



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